How to Easily Access Streaming Services

Despite the significant advances in streaming services over the last two decades, the industry confronts many significant challenges. In particular, geo-restrictions, latency problems, and device compatibility issues hinder viewers from enjoying smooth video streaming.

How to Easily Access Streaming Services

It is tempting to think that the video or audio streaming services we enjoy daily are the same all over the world; this isn’t always the reality. The availability of streaming services varies greatly by country. This is attributable to the fact that streaming services such as Netflix are bound into agreements with other local media companies or local authorities to offer movies and television in particular regions. Thus, this is where the geo fencing restriction came into action.

So, if you are looking for How do I bypass streaming restrictions? Then this article is perfect for you. But before discussing bypassing techniques, it is good to understand what geo fencing restriction is? And why do streaming services do it? So, keep connected! You can find vpn black friday deals

Geo Fencing Restrictions to Audio/Visual Streaming Services

Geo fencing restriction is a technique used by web-based companies to restrict access to their content and streaming services depending on the user location.

Netflix US is an excellent example of geo-restriction in action. If you attempt to access the platform from a location other than the United States, either your computer screen will show you are not allowed to watch this video, or you may be routed to the regional content library where your device is located presently rather than the United States region. It is because such websites automatically track your location and IP addresses when you access their content.

Generally, geo-restrictions are implemented because licensing rules apply in each nation where the streaming material is aired. To get license rights from a certain nation, content producers need to spend a hefty sum of money. Because each country had its own television and radio channels, each with its own audience and budget, these arrangements have been in action since the days of television and radio broadcasting. Since a large portion of media consumption has shifted to video streaming subscriptions, content licensing continues to follow the same old rules, causing difficulties in the internet ecosystem.

How do you Bypass Geo Fence Restrictions?

Users who are experiencing difficulties with geo-restrictions when streaming material, particularly audio/video content, may make use of the following four methods to circumvent these restrictions:

1. Use VPN


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a cybersecurity solution that establishes an encrypted connection between a device and a network over the internet. It establishes a connection between your network and a proxy server, masks your IP address, and conceals your true location. It then gives you a virtual IP address to bypass country restrictions. A virtual private network (VPN) utilizes tunneling to protect your internet data and make your online activities virtually untraceable.

But, a question arises here: Is it illegal to use a VPN for streaming? Yes, it is! Using a VPN to stream content is legal unless it doesn’t go against the terms of use of the streaming platform. Some streaming platforms and countries have restrictions or outright bans on VPN use, so it is advisable to check the legal terms of use priorly.

There are many reliable lists of the top VPN services for each streaming platform available online. Each offers a unique set of features at a varying cost per month. Henceforth, it would be best if you were equipped with the VPN that is most appropriate for your streaming platform. Meanwhile, VeePN is amongst the best VPN services available online to stream content easily from all around the world for free. You can download VeePN VPN apps to access all of your favorite streaming services irrespective of your geographical location.  It functions well with Kodi, Netflix, Hulu, and many other streaming sites.

2. Use Domain Name System (DNS) Changers

DNS changers (also known as Smart DNS or DNS resolvers) alter your device’s DNS servers from local to global. The DNS makes website domain names readable. Therefore, if a website utilizes DNS level blocks to restrict access to certain countries, Smart DNS or a DNS changer will work.

However, changing DNS to open geographically restricted websites has significant limitations. Masking your IP address, encrypting data, and unlocking everything are not possible through DNS changers. Again, a VPN provides considerably more functionality and security in this scenario. Hence, using a VPN chrome extension is much easier to bypass streaming restrictions than DNS changers.

3. Use Proxy Servers

A proxy server acts as a “middleman” between you and the website you want to access. Because every device that connects to the internet has an IP address, every proxy server also has an IP address. A proxy gives you a new IP address before forwarding you to the website you want to visit.

Proxies servers are good if you are looking for how to bypass geo blocking while streaming multimedia online, but they aren’t as secure or effective as VPNs. A VPN secures every data passing through your device. A proxy, on the other hand, only operates inside a website or application.

Free proxy services abound online, but free versions aren’t always ideal for privacy, security, and sophisticated encryption methods.

4. Use Tor Browser

Tor is a free service that hides your IP address so you may surf the internet anonymously. It utilizes Onion Routing, where data is first encrypted and then relayed via several servers. The data is decrypted at each relay and sent to a random relay until it reaches its destination. Your data is encrypted several times during transmission, ensuring your privacy.

However, many experts claim that it may compromise users’ privacy in certain cases, especially when using add-ons and plugins into your tor browsers. So, this option is again an unsecure method and may compromise your privacy in some instances. Therefore, using VPN google extensions can be a more reliable alternative than tor browsers.

Concluding Remarks

Through the discussions made above, you can easily access streaming services that are geo fencing restricted. No doubt, it will help you get rid of the message that “you are not allowed to watch this video” every time you want to access content outside your regional area.

We have recommended four options concerning bypassing country restrictions while streaming multimedia services online, such as VPN, DNS changers, Proxy servers, and Tor browsers. But among them, VPN is best suited and highly recommended as it provides high-profile security, gives access to a wide variety of content, and offers a lot of more streaming options than other proposed alternatives.

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