What you should know when wearing contact lenses for the first time

Being a rookie or first-timer always puts us in a position of vulnerability … The question arises, am I doing it right? Will it be done like this? This is correct? Doing something new for the first time generates uncertainty, but in the end a great satisfaction of having tried it, having achieved it or having learned something new.

We’ve talked about the correct way to wear contact lenses, but let’s take a few steps back: what you need to know to make the decision to wear contact lenses for the first time.

What you should know when wearing contact lenses for the first time

The first thing to do is visit a specialized health professional, they should perform a complete examination to determine your visual condition. They will tell you if you suffer from any visual defect, how it should be treated and what is the solution to see the world as it should be.

This health professional should tell you about the medical alternatives on the market for the visual defect that you have been diagnosed with. If you choose to wear contact lenses, you must be given a special formula for contact lenses, with specific information, which is not the same as that for glasses.

Depending on the diagnosis, the professional will tell you which contact lenses are the most convenient: soft, rigid, disposable, daily or reusable. Getting used to the use of contact lenses is a process, getting used to it will be easy, it is a matter of practice.

When you are already using them, it is convenient (in addition to following all the recommendations for use and cleaning) to observe:

– How do you feel the contact lens in each eye?

– Are you seeing well, and clearly?

– It is a common habit, but remember not to rub or scratch the eyes with your hands. This is how many infections are transmitted and lenses can be dislodged, and with or without lenses, this habit is not suitable for the eyes. Consult your eye health specialist to determine the cause of the eye discomfort.

– Contact lenses shouldn’t really be felt. If, on the other hand, you are feeling them, check that they are on the correct side and not the other way around, you will realize this by putting the lens on your fingertip and that it has a concave shape (cup-shaped) and all the edges towards above. If the edges are down, it means that the lens is upside down and you must change its position.

– If the contact lens has any break or tear, you should change it, as this can hurt the eye, irritate it and cause more discomfort.

– There is no minimum or maximum age to wear contact lenses. This is also determined by the visual health professional, however you can access them from an early age.

Always remember to have the advice of the specialist in visual health, follow his recommendations and care. If you have decided to use contact lenses as the “invisible” solution … WELCOME! You can shop for contact lenses at designer optics to improve your quality of life with a new vision, in an easy way.

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