Benefits of Upgrading Windows on Your College Computer

People are usually resistant to change because they have become accustomed to their normal ways of doing things and are uncertain whether the changes will work. Many students who want to upgrade their windows face this uncertainty. Upgrading to the latest Windows is associated with costs, and you might wonder whether it is worth the risk of paying for new Windows. There are many benefits associated with upgrading Windows, and here are some of them.

Better Security Features

When updates are made to Windows, they come with better security features. In the case of Windows 11, it has new security features like Windows Hello. It uses facial recognition, which better protects the device. It also has more enhanced encryption capabilities than Windows 10. Upgrading to Windows 11 allows you to enjoy these security features, an aspect that reduces the risk of people accessing your important files without your authorization.

Faster Speed

If you have used the previous versions of Windows, you know the frustrations that come with a slow start-up. Updating Windows allows you to experience better speeds, including a better start-up speed. When Windows 10 was introduced, comparison videos were made, and they showed that it started much faster than Windows 7. Students sometimes have tight deadlines that require them to complete assignments quickly. If your laptop is performing slowly, you might get frustrated and might start looking for paper writing services expert writers on board to save you. Upgrading your windows will allow you to take advantage of the speed it offers to complete your schoolwork speedily.

Compatibility With New Software

If you own a computer or a phone, you have probably updated your software from time to time. The software updates are aimed at putting in place new improvements which enhance the performance of a device. As Windows experience updates, software developers also update their applications to the latest Windows versions. Updating to the latest Windows guarantees that you have access to a wider range of software, applications, and programs because they will be compatible with your device. It can include education software and creative software, all of which are important in promoting the college experience.

More Support and Updates

To promote its services, Microsft offers updates to all the versions of its Windows, but the previous Windows versions will eventually reach their end life. At this stage, you will not get any updates to improve its features. You will also be unable to get technical support. Upgrading to the latest version of Windows helps in avoiding these setbacks. By upgrading to the latest version, you will always enjoy the latest updates, and your device will always be secure and compatible with different software.


You probably have an experience with Siri or Google Assistant. These two help you control your device by just talking. Microsoft Windows 10 also has a personal assistant called Cortana. Cortana also allows you to control your device hands-free. You can use different commands and orders, and Cortana will do the tasks for you. It can take down your notes and play your desired music, among other duties. If you are still stuck with the previous versions of the windows, you will not be able to enjoy this cool feature.

The App Store

There are many applications that you might need, but you have to download them from the App Store. Previous Windows versions, like Windows 7, do not have an app store, and you will be unable to use the applications they offer. Upgrading your windows will help you download any application you desire from the App Store. There are a variety of applications ranging from games to weather apps.

Microsoft Edge

If you have used Microsoft Explorer, you can probably attest to how slow this application is. Microsoft listened to the concerns of its users and made updates to Microsoft Explorer, introducing Microsoft Edge, which is much more superior. It has improved capability and speed and comes with a number of new features.

Improved Integration With Devices

The new Windows has improved integration features, allowing seamless connectivity with different devices, including tablets and smartphones. Better integration improves file sharing, collaboration, and even device syncing. You can share a lot of files, especially educational materials. This feature makes working on group projects easy, as you can easily share documents. Besides, you can receive learning materials from others, making it easy to handle your assignments and study for tests and exams. One reason a collegian would get stuck with an assignment and opt to buy an essay is lacking adequate materials for researching the assignment topic. Upgrading your Windows can minimize such cases by allowing you to receive materials from other students.

Personalized Options

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The latest Windows offers more personalized options, which give you the opportunity to tailor your desktop environment to suit your preferences. It comes with various themes, wallpapers, and personalized layouts. Upgrading will allow you to have greater control over how you desire your computer to look. It will provide a more customized and enjoyable experience when using your computer. You will be able to make personalized selections, which will improve your computer’s appeal.

Action Center

If you are still using Windows 7, you are missing a lot from the Action Center feature. In your mobile device, there is a notification feature that pops up notifications, updates, and breaking news. You can get such notifications on your computer if you upgrade your Windows. The Action Center will show all of your emails and messages together with a lot more. You will even get reminders of your birthday or any important upcoming events. You can carefully plan your calendar and get reminders on time to ensure you don’t miss out on any important engagements.


Upgrading Windows on your college computer will help you enjoy many features that will improve the performance of your PC and boost your academics. You’ll get new features, including better security, speeds, a more personalized experience, and better integration with other devices. Failing to upgrade will leave you with the frustrations of slow speeds, and you will not be able to get the latest Microsoft updates, which are geared towards improving the performance of your device. Take the step and upgrade to the latest Windows version to enjoy all the new features and much more.

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